03 October 2005

Mixed Feelings

My return to sailing is imminent. The Polka Dot Racing Team has been notified that our first race of the Fall season is November 6th. Heidi has been saying that I need to get out sailing again (important first step to actually getting out sailing again). And I keep paying slip fees.

Oddly though, I've lost that burning desire to sail at least once a week. Before Noah, if I went a weekend without sailing, I'd really feel like I'd missed something. Now, although I want to go sailing, I don't feel some gaping void since I haven't. I've probably gotten used to not sailing...once I'm untied from the dock, the bug should come back.

Here's why I think not all is lost. It's Fall not Summer. The forecast is no longer 20-25 knots every single day. I haven't been out for a calming sail in months now. In the summer, unless you go out at 9AM, you're on your ear the second you pass the breakwater. I will gladly have a few days of light wind for one of those perfect 10-15 knot days with flat water. Anybody out there remember those?

The promise of "those" days is what excites me. Just thinking about them makes me want to get back out there.

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