28 July 2005


As you saw earlier this week, CK is jumping off of diving boards and swimming all over the place, on top of her usual duties as helmsman on Team Polka Dot. Inspired by The Wet Ass Chronicles, she has taken up skydiving:

For my tens of readers, if you haven't ever clicked on The Wet Ass Chronicles in my links to the right, do it now and bookmark it...today's footage of base jumpers set to the Rolling Stones is excellent.


Joe said...

Edward, I thought that photo was real until I saw the post of your daughter's path to Olympic diving. I'm going to do a post with a link to it. My heart was racing. Phew!


PS The boat is on a tariler at....my Mom's house. I'm doing a slow, methodical sprucing up. That's part of the reason why I'm looking for a cartop dinghy.

PPS Just got my sails back from a place called Sail Care. They are an awesome loft that will restore sails and add reef points. I'll post some photos. http://www.sailcare.com/

Joe said...

Oops TRAILER not tariler. Catalina not Santana.