03 June 2005

Pictures of Polka Dot

Since there wasn't much news this week and certainly no , I have decided to just post a couple of pictures of Polka Dot. The first from when I bought her, the second from last week.

I know that sailing a Catalina 22 is a bit on the low end of the sailing world, but I'm hoping that the work I've done to her makes her more AMC Pacer and less Datsun B210. Even though both are cheap, the Pacer has some character and collectability. Plus the Pacer looked really cool in yellow.



Please vote in the comments which ridiculously cheap 1970s car you would compare Polka Dot to. Keeping in mind, of course, that a man will defend his yacht to the death if need be.


Anonymous said...

I'm just struck by the superiority of the location of the first dock over the second. The location of the first dock seems so much more beautiful and likely to have a superior ranking for their educational system. Maybe that's just me though.

I'd compare the new Polka Dot to a well conditioned Accord with about 27,000 miles on it.

EVK4 said...

The yellow paint though...does that say Accord to you? Seems like maybe one of those really cool Honda bubble cars from the early '70s maybe?

Anonymous said...

This is coming a few years late, but I saw your boat and immediately thought of a car that my best friend had in high school, a yellow 1970s Mazda RX3!


And don't feel bad. My boat's just a 12 foot dinghy (O'day Widgeon) cause that's all I can afford, but I loves her.