14 April 2005

Regarding Mohawks and the Mouths of babes

Driving home from Fentons, we passed a punkrocker sporting a mohawk. Camille (Age 4) and Rebecca (Age 5) were fascinated.

Camille: how'd he do that?
Heidi: he probably uses lots of hair product.
Rebecca: and you have to have hair.
Heidi: so your dad probably couldn't do that
Camille: and neither could Tim.


Anonymous said...

Kathy: Do you want to be like Daddy when you grow up?

Jack: Sure. (10 second pause) Just not bald, though.

EVK4 said...

At least it's not other people's kids pointing it out.

NonstopExpress said...

Come on!

They didn't really say THAT?

At least Brendhan was a punk rocker at some point.

I love how Jack says, "sure." That's gotta pump up your self esteem

Anonymous said...

Heidi writes:
Tim, I hate to say it, but Camille really did think of you first. Kind of sweet, huh? Rebecca wants to meet you.